What We Do

Sagitta Corporation provides Japanese business development consulting services. Sagitta focuses on American firms in high technology industries.  Although Sagitta is focused on the biotechnology sector, including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, bio-research, and medical devices, we also assist high tech companies in other emerging and traditional business sectors. Our U.S.-Japan business liaison provides strong value-added benefits to our clients.

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Who We Work With

Sagitta Corporation works with companies ranging from the start-up stage to mature, publicly traded corporations.  

Sagitta can assist mature companies that face complex business issues with developing or strengthening  business in Japan. Such companies may need to secure distributors or licensees, to obtain co-development or joint venture partners, or to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan.

At earlier stages, Sagitta assists emerging companies ready to turn their attention to the Japanese market, and start-up companies when Japan is critical to their strategic plans.

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What They're Saying

Highlights from our testimonials:

"...knows the ropes in Japanese business"

"...constantly exceeds delivery expectations"

"...an immense help in navigating those inscrutable waters"

"...contributed to our eventual acquisition value"

"...has an ability to 'read between the lines' within Japanese business culture"

"...his knowledge of all things Japanese is masterful"

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