Sagitta’s client base includes well-known Southern California and West Coast corporations ranging from biotechnology and life sciences to software and electronics, as well as early-stage companies. In addition, from time to time, Sagitta assists major Japanese corporations with business development issues in both the U. S. and Japan. 

Recent clients include Agilent Technologies, IRIS International, Nanostring, Helixis, Trovagene, Eksigent, Harbor Therapeutics, and NovaRx. A partial listing of Sagitta’s past clients includes such major U.S. corporations as Titan, Immune Response, and Hybritech. Sagitta’s Japanese clients include Casio, Mitsui and Co., Bridgestone and dozens of others.  Earlier-stage companies include Romer and Skydesk. Industries represented by our client companies include diagnostics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, industrial machinery, and consumer goods.


Company A, a $100 million public company, is a market leader in automated diagnostics instruments for reference laboratories and large medical facilities. Sagitta assists the the company in locating, negotiating, and signing a new distributor, while transitioning the company out of an under-performing distributor. Sagitta assists the company in negotiating and signing a major co-development deal, securing significant Japanese funding for developing new technology in return for securing an eventual Japan distribution partnership for the technology. Sagitta provides on-going assistance and coordination with the Japanese partners, ensuring active performance and engagement by the Japanese side. 

Bio-Research Instruments

Company B seeks to jettison an under-performing distributor and transition to an effective new distributor in an extremely short time frame, while securing immediate sales in the Japanese market to enhance shareholder value. Sagitta in parallel secures a new distributor while performing the tricky task of terminating the existing distributor without damage in the Japanese marketplace. Company B immediately achieves $1 million in new Japan sales in less than two months under the new distributor, and secures a long and attractive list of new prospects in the research market in Japan. 


Company C desires major Japanese corporate licensees for its products in Japan and potentially other Asian territories. Company C’s products are currently in the process of moving toward FDA approval in the U. S.  Using Sagitta’s database, including over 20 major Japanese pharmaceutical companies, Sagitta explores the market, assists in preparing materials, coaches Company C’s staff, contacts pre-qualified candidates in Japan, sets appointments, attends and assists Company C's management with meetings in Japan, and reports with assessment of results upon return to the U. S. At the term sheet stage, Sagitta assists in preparing terms and negotiating the license agreement.


Company D is seeking a partnering tie-up with a major company in Japan that will provide service and finance for the start-up of business-to-business software services in Japan.  Sagitta identifies and contacts qualified partner candidates, introduces Company D and its software, arranges meetings in Japan with the partner candidates. Partner candidates in Japan in turn arrange meetings with potential corporate ISP service providers, leading toward eventual start-up of services in Japan. US$10 million in financing is obtained from Japanese partners.

Industrial Machinery

Company E has Sagitta identify a specific major corporation in Japan to engage as its distributor in Japan and possibly elsewhere in Asia.  Sagitta contacts the Japanese company, introduces the parties, and makes meeting arrangements. Over a period of about one year, technical and business meetings are arranged in both the U. S. and Japan. The two companies conclude a distribution agreement, specifying minimum sales in Japan, and giving the Japanese partner the option to sell in other Asian territories on a case-by-case basis. The distribution agreement brings US$2 million per year in new revenue, and the potential for growth and market expansion.

Subsidiary Setup

Many mature U. S. high tech companies desire to take advantage of the improved environment for foreign investment and yen/dollar exchange rate, while maximizing their revenue stream in Japan by creating their own subsidiary. Sagitta assists Company F, a major biotechnology company, in establishing its wholly-owned "K. K." (kabushiki kaishi = Japanese corporation). Sagitta assists with company setup, staffing, office siting, smooth transitioning out of existing distributors, and the full array of issues and tasks needed to create a strong corporate presence in Japan.