James Reid, Ph. D., CEO

James Reid, Ph. D., CEO

Sagitta Corporation was founded in August 1993, on the basis of many years of experience in facilitating business relationships between Japanese and American companies.  We provide services for American companies seeking or working with Japanese strategic partners and licensees, or establishing stand-alone operations in Japan.  We also serve Japanese companies seeking U. S. technology and corporate relationships for introduction into the Japanese market.

James Reid, Ph. D., President and CEO, has over thirty years of experience in working with the Japanese, twelve of those years with the renowned Japanese general trading organization, Mitsui & Co., where he served as Senior Vice President of a major subsidiary.  His American and Japanese clients have included a wide range of companies in life sciences, biotechnology, electronics, transportation, energy, computer software, and other industries.  He speaks and reads Japanese with high fluency and has conducted business in the Japanese language with dozens of leading Japanese firms in a great variety of fields.  He holds a Ph. D. from U. C. L. A., and his academic work included three years of research in Japan under the Fulbright program. 

Sagitta maintains close ties with a wide array of high-level professionals, consultants, and service providers in both the U. S. and Japan.  Sagitta's veteran Japanese associates have decades of business experience across many disciplines. Sagitta draws on a pool of business-trained and experienced Japanese-speaking researchers and assistants.