Clients & Testimonials


Sagitta Corporation has a wide variety of clients from a number of different industries. In Life Sciences, these include companies in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, research instruments/reagents, and medical devices. In software, client companies include supply chain software providers and business-to-business software firms. In automotive technology, Sagitta has assisted firms with manufacturing technology and with advanced auto electronics.  Here's what our clients are saying:


 "Jim Reid of Sagitta has done a great job for me in securing major Japanese partnering and co-development agreements. He has assisted in negotiating and finalizing contracts, and participated in R&D milestone project meetings. He has developed valuable board-level and C-level management relationships with major Japanese partner companies.  He also has worked effectively with several of my friends in biotech, is very professional and speaks fluent Japanese, and knows the ropes in Japanese business."

– Thomas H. Adams, Ph. D., Noted senior scientist and serial biotech entrepreneur, founder of Gen-Probe, Genta, Leucadia Technologies, director of numerous public companies, and former Director/CTO of Iris International (acquired by Beckman-Coulter).

“I have worked with Jim on several projects across two companies, Stratagene and Agilent Technologies, Inc..  Beyond his extensive knowledge of the Japanese market and solid business acumen he is immensely organized and constantly exceeds delivery expectations.  I found working with Jim a real pleasure as he took charge of the project and managed our internal resources as well as his own network very well.”

– Nick Roelofs, Ph.D., President, Agilent Life Sciences Group

  "Dr. Reid speaks and understands Japanese fluently, knows and has lived and worked in the culture and is an immense help in navigating those inscrutable waters."

– Gary Sutton, Serial CEO of seven companies, published author in seven languages, member of two public and five private boards. 

"We needed distribution in Japan for our innovative low-cost life science instruments, and Sagitta did an excellent job laying out strategic options and helping us execute on the resulting plan. We were very pleased with the distributor we signed for Japan, and significant orders through that distributor contributed to Helixis' eventual acquisition value."

 – Alex Dickinson, former President and CEO, Helixis, Inc. (acquired by Illumina)

"I have worked with Jim and Sagitta on two separate, complex, technology based, Japanese distribution relationships over a period of four years with two different companies. In both cases Jim has both met and exceeded expectations with regards meeting deliverables across the board. Jim's grasp of the Japanese business culture and language was key in allowing us to effectively interact with potential customers and clients throughout various organizations. In areas replete with complex contract negotiations, Jim's ability to provide written and oral language translation was critical in allowing us to move our business forward and complete agreements in an efficient and timely manner. Jim has an ability to 'read between the lines' within Japanese business culture that helps ensure East meets West in a mutually beneficial outcome. Attention to detail and committed follow up are also key trademarks of Jim's professional business style. I cannot recommend Saggita highly enough to any company or individual looking to enter into the highly complex and lucrative Japanese market space."

– Dale Levitzke, Vice President Worldwide Sales, Nanostring Technologies; former Senior Director Global Sales, Helixis, Inc. (acquired by Illumina) 

"I have worked with Jim Reid of Sagitta in two different business contexts and can vouch for his expert knowledge of Japanese business practices and his skill in navigating the many challenges and pitfalls of doing business in Japan. His facility in the Japanese language is the basis for a skill set that includes not only partnering strategy, search and evaluation, but also negotiation, problem solving, and troubleshooting. I would strongly recommend that anyone needing Life Science business development in Japan engage Sagitta before making any moves in that uniquely challenging marketplace." 

 – David Weber, Executive Vice-President, Global Commercial Operations, Affymetrix; former President  & CEO, Eksigent; former Senior Vice-President, Stratagene (acquired by Agilent).

“I have known Dr. Reid for over 15 years and have engaged the services of Sagitta Corp. to assist in corporate development initiatives with several Japanese partners.  He is highly skilled in market research, partner targeting and selection and is a valuable consultant and ally while guiding the process from introduction to finalization of deal terms and conditions.  His knowledge of all things Japanese is masterful and he not only speaks Japanese, but is dialectic.  I highly recommend Jim Reid and Sagitta Corp. as your Japanese consultant.”  

  – Creighton W. Lawhead, MBA (formerly CBO of NovaRx Corp., CBO of Genstar and VP of Corporate Development and Head of Commercial Affairs for The Immune Response Corporation).