Sagitta Corporation typically assists clients in developing a strategic plan for the approach to potential Japanese partners, then identifies and contacts selected candidates in Japan.  At the negotiating stage, Sagitta facilitates arrangements, attends and participates in meetings on behalf of the clients, assists with actual negotiations, and advises clients on the best approaches to achieve the desired partnership, license, manufacturing, marketing, distribution or other agreement as appropriate.  

Sagitta can assist in maintaining relationships for optimum performance from the Japanese strategic partners.  

Sagitta can also assist companies desiring to take advantage of the improved cost environment in Japan to establish their own stand-alone operations.

Services Summary

  • Japanese distributors: search, negotiate, and secure
  • Japanese co-development partners: obtain R&D funding from Japan
  • Japanese licensees: search, negotiate, and secure
  • Japanese business partnering of all types
  • Secure and maintain Japanese business relationships at Director-level, C-level, and working level
  • Japanese subsidiary set-up: go direct in Japan
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting business issues in Japan